Breast Cancer



The truth that every common woman and her husband, sons or daughters see is simply this: Can surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy cure breast cancer?  If they can, what is the cure rate? These people want nothing but a simple, clear-cut down-to-earth answer: the chances of cure.  Where is that simple truth?  In Chapter 10 of this book, the author plead for truth . . .  readers learn the many different versions of “truths” – the drug company’s truth, the doctor’s’ truth and the patient’s truth.  . . . these parties do not talk the same language . . . when a tumour shrinks, the doctor understands is as response, while the patients actually seek a permanent cure.  . . .

It is not the author’s desire to try to prove which medical system is better or who is wrong and who is right.  His mission is to help those who need help. There are many things to learn about cancer treatments – that is, if we are prepared to open our eyes to see and not close our ears to hear.