Cancer Success Stories 2



When man started to learn how nature works, he called this new knowledge science. Up to this day science has achieved tremendous progress to the   extent that it has turned around and rejected any natural phenomenon that does not fit into its mould of thinking. What cannot be seen, measured and explained are deemedunscientific. I have always held the view that science does not have all the answers to our problems. If we do not know, it is due to our lack of knowledge. Until then, nature still remains mysterious irrespective of how much we think we know.

For thousands of years, the Chinese and Indians have been practising the art of healing producing miraculous results. To them, the question of whether what they have been doing is scientific or not, does not arise nor is it of any concern. To them, what matters is that their actions are effective and benefit them!

This book documents many stories about healing of cancer patients. Healing is a personal choice. It is up to each individual to choose and opt for the healing path that he/she is comfortable with. This book affirms one simple but important message: there is a choice!