Cancer: Why They Live


 EIGHT  PEOPLE  HAD  CANCER. They followed a healing path few dared to follow. They live to share their amazing stories of recovery and self-discovery. They spoke their minds on various issues of cancer treatments. They share with their hearts what they have learnt while on their healing journeys . May you be imbibed with their good values and use them for your own journey. 

THE  COMMON  ATTRIBUTE  SHARED among these outstanding people is the realisation that health is their own responsibility and that they must do something for themselves if they want to live. To do something means to institute changes in their lives. They traded the conventional invasive and toxic treatments recommended by their doctors for something simple and very much less harmful  a change of diet, lifestyle and taking of herbs. They lived! And they live to share their stories with you.  


Our first book, Cancer Yet They Live was popular. It gave hope to many people and touched many lives.  More than a decade has passed since that first book was written. We are now ready to write another – Cancer Why They Live, a sequel to the first.

     CA Care has been around helping the helpless and often confused cancer patients since 1995. Unfortunately not everyone who came to us found what they sought. Only thirty percent of them found help and relief.

     Perhaps many patients are naïve and ignorant, especially those who have not had any experience dealing with cancer before. Some people believe that their doctors can cure their cancer. They comply with whatever their doctors want them to do. Of course, some have obtained their cure – albeit temporary relief or remission. But many have found themselves worse off than when they first started. Such is the unpredictable nature of cancer cure ….