Faith & Prayer in the Healing of Cancer


If you are not so sure if God answers prayers, this book will tell you what researchers say about faith and prayer.

This is not a book on religion, but a book about religious beliefs and prayer perceived from the viewpoint of science.  More then three hundred scientific studies have shown that religious involvement benefits our health and well being.

Prayer is good medicine . . . prayer is the language of the soul, expressed in the purity of the heart.  Prayer connects man and God. The world is full of stories about the power of prayers and how prayers had brought healing to the body and soul.  True prayer never goes unanswered.  God answers our prayer in His own way and at His own time.

Fortunately, prayer  is the only great commodity left on planet earth that has eluded the world of commercialism and that has been left uncontaminated by human greed.

When the sick come to CA Care for help, we encourage them to pray and seek the Almighty Healer for peace and guidance.  Prayer helps clear the mind and gives you peace.

Like the words written  by Mother Teresa: You say prayer in your religion ,and I will say a prayer as I know it. Together we will say this prayer, and it will be something beautiful to God.