Knowing Your Breasts



In order to understand breast health, it is important that we first understand the basic structure of the breasts. The function of the breasts or mammae is to produce milk for the new-born baby. In the male, the breasts remain as rudimentary structures, while in the female they develop into hemispherical structures. In women, the left breast is generally a little larger than the right breast. Also, one breast may be placed lower than the other.

We have held the view that to stay healthy or to get sick is a matter of our own choice. Surprisingly, few of us know that! All too often, we take good health for granted. And when we fall sick, we make a desperate dash to the doctor seeking help. Most often, at this stage, we are panic stricken! We cannot think clearly, so can we make wise decisions? Of course, many of us do not even think that we should make decisions at all, preferring others to make life-and-death decisions for us. What a sad situation to be in. Be reminded that our lives are in our own hands and we are responsible for our own lives and wellbeing. So, let us empower ourselves! To stay healthy is our personal responsibility, not the doctor’s or the drug companies’! So, let us start acquiring some basic knowledge about our own body and learn to stay healthy!

In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments
– there are only consequences.  Robert G. Ingersoll