Lung Cancer



Lung cancer is the second most common cancer that we have encountered.  In this book the author documented some the cases irrespective of their responses to the herbs.  Perhaps there are positive or negative lessons that we all can learn from.

Most of the patients who come and seek our help have seen their doctors and have received the necessary treatments.  They now seek another alternative as a last resort. 

Man is not just a machine.  He is also a spiritual being.  To achieve complete healing we need to heal the whole body – the physical, the mind and the spirit.  If we cannot heal the mind we cannot heal the body.  When the mind and the spirit are at peace, then physical healing starts within us. Taking herbs is no magic unto itself – herbs cannot heal us until we have the frame of mind that wants to be healed.

I believe that the challenge of human society today is to be open-minded enough to accept the healing wisdom of both the Western world and the traditions of our Eastern forefathers.  Learn and benefit from them.  To me, it does not matter whether it is the medicine of the West or the East that brings about healing.  The most important is the treatment helps and heals.