Why do we write books?  Primarily to satisfy the needs of those patients who write or come to us seeking for help after they are told that they have cancer.

Why do you visit this website?  We believe you are seeking information to enable you or your loved ones to make certain decisions. Our advice is: Read as much as possible. Gather information from different sources. You will not learn much if you confine your reading about a subject only from one viewpoint. Cast your net wider and read what others from different disciplines have to say about the same subject.  Get out of the box and view your problem in a different light. Think and look out for any ulterior motives of the “experts.” Is he putting your interest first, or is he saying things just to serve his own self-interest? Is he after your cancer or your money? Check and counter check the facts given. Often, in the face of fear, hopelessness and panic we forget to use our commonsense.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, associate professor at University of Illinois Medical School and director, Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago (in: Confessions of a Medical Heretics) gave this amazing advice: If you are sick … your first defense is to have more information about your problem … You’ve got to learn about your disease and that’s not very hard. You can get the same books the doctor studied from. Read them. It is most likely that after reading you will be more informed than the doctor himself.

Similarly, I urge you to read and read. Read more than one book. Let me ask you to consider this. How long do you get to talk to your doctor when you see him/her? Is it one minute, five minutes or half an hour? I got only one minute for my skin problem and I was shown the door after that. He did not answer any of my questions. Do you think, within that time span the doctor knows what is going on with you? Indeed, the best defense is not to abdicate the responsibility of your health to someone else. Your well being is your responsibility. The bottom line is, read and you will learn! Remember this Chinese saying: The road to health is the road of knowledge, knowing ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness. 

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